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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review & Photos ShawneeFest Art & Wine Festival

This festival was last week-end I was one of the demonstrating artists and I would like to share my thoughts and experiences with you. As the day started we could tell the weather was perfect for a show in the park. The park itself was nice and grassy with plenty of shade.

 I took my usual outdoor set-up table and supplies. My Husband Steve is very good at helping customers while I paint and talk about what I am doing. Our good friends MJ & Gary showed up for support and to help out when we needed them too, that's a huge blessing. And Nani & Charlie Moore came for moral support, I am so fortunate, they even brought a group of friends with them. I enjoyed meeting everyone so much!

 I used a 4th of July theme, even the Uncle Sam's are handmade! Steve cut those out & I painted them a few years ago, we have sold several of those in the past, so many we got tired of cutting & painting them, lol! Here is a shot of the inside of the tent..
You can see Steve walking across at the back. It was sunny for a short time but as the sun got higher it got wonderful shade we had a super spot!
Here is a photo of my sweet neighbor Plain Jane( beautiful not plain) and her jewelry booth. We had fun together:)
Early folks like us the Pomona Winery didn't waste any time getting there & set up. Jayne Payne from Pomona Winery was just as lively as could be & cute as a button The Apple Wine? A+A+ so refreshing on a hot day:)
I got busy after the show opened so I didn't get photos of all the winery folks, two of my other favorites were there too, Shawnee Winery with DreamCatcher, the most fragrant ever! And Lincoln Heritage and their Water Tower White. All the wineries have many great selections, these are just my favorites.
Here are the three canvases I did while I was there,
 This is the one I was doing in the photo, I call it "Music in my Glass",the color is not showing well on the blog, it is much deeper & more rich.

Live Love Laugh, is a party in a bottle,it is a reflection of the joy I feel to be fortunate enough to follow my passion.

I have no title for this one although it is my favorite of the three, perhaps you would care to make a suggestion?

This was a new art show just the second or third year, and we were all disappointed the crowd was so slim. The other artists and winery folks were so friendly and upbeat it made the small attendance easier to accept with good grace.This is the first year the Chamber of Commerce in Murphysboro handled the show. I would like to think this was a learning experience for all of us, I have some suggestion to present to them about ways I feel we could improve, they are great people so I am sure they will be receptive. I would like to see this local event grow here in Southern Illinois. We have lots of terrific local wineries in this region, a lot a talented working artists that need a venue to show & sell the great work they do. This could be a beneficial event for all of us, right here in the heartland. 
I do plan to do this show again, I want my same booth spot too, I know next year will be great! I hope to see you there next year! Thanks for reading my blog:) Please leave a comment so I know you were here?

Friday, June 15, 2012

ShawneeFest Art & Wine a Winning Combo:)

 Time for the ShawneeFest!!! I am going to participate this year and I am very excited. I have discovered I enjoy talking to people about my art, & what better place to do that than an Art & Wine festival?
Have you ever attended an art & wine festival or show? It is a real treat for art lovers & wine lovers! This year is promising to be a real blast!  This festival focuses on local Art and artists. You will find my name among the Artists here: Shawnee Artists 

Check out my Handmade Artist shop link   WildWire Art   for a more complete sampling of my work.

 I am grateful to the Chamber of Commerce for their support of we artists- Thank You!!!!

It's the perfect pairing. They provide self supporting artists a wonderful opportunity to offer our work to a receptive audience.The public has a rare opportunity to view several local artists work, & speak to them about the art they create.
Art for your home, or to gift, is very personal, why not chose art based on a personal connection?

Look at the list of fantastic local wineries to sample, all in one place! Shawneefest Wineries

Good music Bands- Bluegrass, Blues,& Rock & Roll

And great local cuisine Food

This is the first time I have been a part of this super event, I understand they expect a stellar crowd this year so I am really stoked!

I have revamped my displays, added new venues, and am ready to have a great day! I will be painting for fun while I am there so stop by and check out my unusual style of art. You might be surprised how I create wall art:)
Enjoy the day on the grounds of beautiful Riverside Park Map & Directions to Riverside Park

Come visit me! I will be offering one of a kind gemstone art jewelry, paintings, and my newest art prints from my originals. This year I have garden art too. I know we will have a great day!! Mention this blog post for 20% off a single item from me:)
I hope to see you there! Thanks for visiting my blog:)