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Friday, June 15, 2012

ShawneeFest Art & Wine a Winning Combo:)

 Time for the ShawneeFest!!! I am going to participate this year and I am very excited. I have discovered I enjoy talking to people about my art, & what better place to do that than an Art & Wine festival?
Have you ever attended an art & wine festival or show? It is a real treat for art lovers & wine lovers! This year is promising to be a real blast!  This festival focuses on local Art and artists. You will find my name among the Artists here: Shawnee Artists 

Check out my Handmade Artist shop link   WildWire Art   for a more complete sampling of my work.

 I am grateful to the Chamber of Commerce for their support of we artists- Thank You!!!!

It's the perfect pairing. They provide self supporting artists a wonderful opportunity to offer our work to a receptive audience.The public has a rare opportunity to view several local artists work, & speak to them about the art they create.
Art for your home, or to gift, is very personal, why not chose art based on a personal connection?

Look at the list of fantastic local wineries to sample, all in one place! Shawneefest Wineries

Good music Bands- Bluegrass, Blues,& Rock & Roll

And great local cuisine Food

This is the first time I have been a part of this super event, I understand they expect a stellar crowd this year so I am really stoked!

I have revamped my displays, added new venues, and am ready to have a great day! I will be painting for fun while I am there so stop by and check out my unusual style of art. You might be surprised how I create wall art:)
Enjoy the day on the grounds of beautiful Riverside Park Map & Directions to Riverside Park

Come visit me! I will be offering one of a kind gemstone art jewelry, paintings, and my newest art prints from my originals. This year I have garden art too. I know we will have a great day!! Mention this blog post for 20% off a single item from me:)
I hope to see you there! Thanks for visiting my blog:)


  1. This is so exciting! I know I can't be there....but I wish I could to rub shoulders with all these artists!!

    Great post and I know you are going to have a ball!! Good Luck!!!

    Going into pretzel mode for you!!!! :)

    1. Thank you Dee! I need pretzel mode! I know I will have fun my best friends my Hubby and Mj & Gary are going with me, we always have fun together:)

  2. So exciting and I'm sure your work will be a hit! Have fun and pretzel mode for a great day!

    1. Thanks Kimberly! I love pretzel mode friends:)

  3. Nancy, enjoy and much success to you...♥♥♥Monika

  4. Not sure when this is taking place -so hope it was or is fun and you sell a bunch!