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Friday, December 7, 2012

I Am Overwhelmed to be Featured Like this on Handmade Artist blog

I was so overwhelmed by this feature ArtByNancyPace written by an amazing mosaic artist and dear friend Monika@  MyEuropeanTouch I really have no words, I will let you read the feature yourself. ArtbyNancyPace
Monika I feel so blessed and  so grateful:)  Monika, you may not paint with a brush, but your heart is truly that of an artist.
I would like to  share a peek at my latest work in progress before you go. This is in a very raw stage, when finished the painting will be titled "Journey"

Thank you so much for following my art. God bless you all!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Small Affordable Original Art and Decorating ideas

One of my art collectors ask me how to use smaller art pieces, for instance one of the mini canvases with an easel like this one
Red flower w/ easel
white aster w/ easel
I was surprised , I thought the size was perfect. I really feel art should be enjoyed, it would be nice if it was affordable and everyone could own original art works and not break the bank.
That is why I painted the smaller pieces in the first place, and they are fun to do!

I decided if she had those kinds of questions other folks might not know how to use the smaller pieces either. So here is an example of some of the mini canvases I have displayed in my home. I took a few pieces of art pottery, a few of our carved bird collection and my mini paintings and mixed them together with an 8x10 mixed media work my hubby favors to make this display.

The shelf is old, handmade, and we met the daughter of the man who made this with so much love. It is the perfect place to display an interesting collection and help remind us to enjoy life.  
BTW the piece my hubby likes so well is available here:
Movin 8x10 wrapped canvas Paint & fabric
So if your budget is tight and you really want to collect original art work I hope you will consider decorating with  smaller more affordable piece like the Mini canvases? They are only $15 each including the easel too!
Way's to decorate with art are just unlimited, the boudoir, the bath, a shelf in a child's room? 
Thanks for stopping by, I hope I gave you something to think about:) 
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Thanks for stopping by, God Bless you!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Would you like a peek at my first oil painting in more than 30 years?

I am giving away my age but, I haven't used oils or painted a lot in more than 30 years. I thought maybe you would like to see what I am working on:) There is more work to do but so far I am happy with my results, not enough to call it done and sign it, but getting there.
 I took a shot focusing on my vines, I am having so much fun with those!
This is a mixed media piece in oils and acrylics on an 18x24 canvas board. This was a real challenge because I am used to acrylics and they dry super fast, the oils can take weeks to cure. I hate to admit I stuck my hand in part of the wet paint and had to do repairs:(Now I see a spot I need to fix:) So I am going back to work!
Don't you enjoy learning new skills or reviving an old one? Thanks for visiting! 
God Bless you!
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Our First Experience @ the Potter's Wheel

When my friend MJ ask if I might like to go to a 1 day pottery class I thought why not:) We took our artsy granddaughters , grabbed a fast bite at McDonald's and headed to the Cedar Hurst Art Museum. 
We were so excited we were really early so we took an opportunity to check out the quilt display and a neat abstract exhibit I really enjoyed. Then it was time for the class.
Here is Beka, my Granddaughter throwing her first pot, she did a great job! 
 Beka  learning to use a sponge to shape her pot
 This is Beka's finished pot before the instructor cut it off the wheel, I can't wait for her to paint it when it dries.
They used an air dry clay so we took them home wet and this morning mine is not shiny in a couple of days they will be ready to paint. I followed Beka at the wheel but I have no pictures since I was the photographer. Here is MJ listening to her instructor before she finishes her pot.
 This is Aisha, MJ's granddaughter on the wheel, she had the best pot out of the four of us, she had taken a class with this same instructor and the experience showed in her work.
The class was way to short, we really enjoyed it!
Both girls are very creative and artistic, I think they take after their grandmother's:) Only time will tell. Now Beka wants a potters wheel:) 
Have you ever thrown a pot on the wheel? Tell me about it, I am interested to hear about your experience.
After we get our pots painted I will be back to show you how our first pots turned out. If you get an opportunity to try your hand on the potter's wheel go for it! I should warn you it is not as easy as it looks but it's a lot of fun:)
Thanks for stopping by, God bless you!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Latest Work In Progress in my Studio

Do you have several projects going on at the same time? I usually do. Here are a few things I am currently trying to finish,
                             " Posey" is destine to be a character in my upcoming children's book WIP
 These little works are ACEO cards, they will be when I finish them. They are 21/2" x 3 1/2" on canvas paper, when they are finished I will mount them on card stock
 This work in progress will be very fun to complete,I have a vision, let's see if my brush follows it!
    All I had on my mind with this is sunshine and light I believe that is all ten for now. What are you working on, how many?
I would love to hear from you:) God Bless you!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Funday Monday!! My Finished Painting:)

I had so much fun this past week working on this painting. In my  last blog I showed you a little about the new process I re-found thanks to artist Robin Pedrero.
Here is my finished painting, I am happy to share this joyful work with you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed watching it come to life! "Releasing the Shiny's"

Releasing the Shiny's
This is an acrylic & ink painting on a 16x20 canvas art board.
Happy Monday, and God bless you!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Playing in my Studio, Please won't you join me?

Ready to paint
Fingers are tired so an old t-shirt is handy to use as a buffer
Just so fun!
I have a sweet friend who is an amazing artist and all around good egg. Her name is Robin Marie Pedrero, she is living and working in sunny Florida. I love her work and even own an original oil by her.
She posted a youtube video on face book something about resist? I thought what is resist? I had a minute so I watched it, wow, it brought to my mind a former business and the furniture I refinished  I used vaseline to "resist" the paint, this is the same process, just with rubber cement  and paint on canvas not wood!  I had to try this, I have done it a couple of times with fun results, this time I kept a photo record.
Please remember Robin is an award winning artist with so many accomplishments it would fill up my blog:) So my painting will not hold a candle to Robin's work, and we have very different styles. But I am enjoying my journey back to my art.
You think you can see the raised areas, that is the resist
The olive green is my base coat it must be completely dry, then add the resist, it must be completely dry, then I added the overcoat(blues) and it must dry. This was 4 days to the removal or revile, I will finish the painting   and I promise you will be the first to see it:) 
You can see how stretchy this is, and can be a pain to remove,but worth it!

BTW you can find Robin on face book
Robin Pedrero

I hope you enjoy my blog, Stop by again,God Bless you!