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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Eagle Rising" A Story of Design

This is a story I dreamed and I wrote it out as I designed this piece, I hope you enjoy my tale.

This piece had an accident, it happened at a show and I missed it until I got home to rearrange my containers. I was sad, I loved this piece. I am not sure if I will be moved to pick it up again to rework it........ I do have a photograph and my story and I have an opportunity to share with you, so I rejoice!

Eagle Rising
 Long ago The People had a good life. The land was rich and food abundant, they lived in peace with all creatures.

Then a tribe of white settlers moved to the land of The People,the white people were greedy and wasteful. Soon everyone was hungry and freezing because all the abundance was used up.
The white settlers decided The People were the problem so they began to war against them, The people had only spears and clubs against guns and cannons, it seemed The People would all be destroyed! They planned to kill the warriors and old men, and sell the squaws and children for slaves.

But the great White Eagle saw the plight of The people and was saddened.He spread his mighty wings and swooped in to gather all The People from the flames of the burning and looted village,then he flew to the top of a far mountain and set The People free in a land of peace and abundance.

The feather focal represents the White Eagle

Antique Mother of pearl carved pieces -war clubs

Lapis stone arrowhead-war weapon

Sterling beads and copper-The treasure of a pure heart

Trade beads-enslavement

White leather cords-Bonds that can't be broken

Artist/Author Nancy Pace

I would love to know if you enjoyed my story, I have a few I would like to share from other designs I have sold, they are with new owners, but I have a photograph and my story to share:)


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    1. Thanks! Andrew:) I appreciate the support!

  2. Nancy this is a lovely inspiration for your piece of art.
    I do hope you will pick it back up and fix whatever it is. I cannot even make it out....;o)♥

    1. Thanks Monika! This photo is before it was damaged. The blue center stone, the point is broken, the very end is chipped off.
      If I re-do this, it will never be like this, it will transform to something else:)

  3. What a lovely story for inspiration as well as a gorgeous piec of handcraft.

    1. Thanks Dee:) The stories are not mine, they come in dreams,then I translate them to stone and wire.

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    1. Thank you Andrea:) I am never sure which is my favorite part the story or the art!

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    1. Your very sweet Larissa:) I am so glad you enjoyed it.