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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Show & Tell Time!! My Blue Jean Art

Green Jeans on slant  Here they are all finished and for sale in my Handmade shop
Pink Jeans w/Attitude
Zebra striped
Yellow sundress
Rustic barn door w/ leather
Fancy Bird
What do you think? I love them, all seven! I can't pick a favorite, can you?
All finished and in my shop. I had a ball doing these. I plan to do lots more, watch for them in my Art Shop
I love hearing from you:) 


  1. Like you, I think all of them are pretty spectacular.....but since you asked which ONE....I've got to go with the Fancy Bird! That one is just AWESOME!!!!

    1. Thanks Dee! I have looked at them a while and I like the bird and the green jeans on the slant best:)