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Friday, July 20, 2012

Playing in my Studio, Please won't you join me?

Ready to paint
Fingers are tired so an old t-shirt is handy to use as a buffer
Just so fun!
I have a sweet friend who is an amazing artist and all around good egg. Her name is Robin Marie Pedrero, she is living and working in sunny Florida. I love her work and even own an original oil by her.
She posted a youtube video on face book something about resist? I thought what is resist? I had a minute so I watched it, wow, it brought to my mind a former business and the furniture I refinished  I used vaseline to "resist" the paint, this is the same process, just with rubber cement  and paint on canvas not wood!  I had to try this, I have done it a couple of times with fun results, this time I kept a photo record.
Please remember Robin is an award winning artist with so many accomplishments it would fill up my blog:) So my painting will not hold a candle to Robin's work, and we have very different styles. But I am enjoying my journey back to my art.
You think you can see the raised areas, that is the resist
The olive green is my base coat it must be completely dry, then add the resist, it must be completely dry, then I added the overcoat(blues) and it must dry. This was 4 days to the removal or revile, I will finish the painting   and I promise you will be the first to see it:) 
You can see how stretchy this is, and can be a pain to remove,but worth it!

BTW you can find Robin on face book
Robin Pedrero

I hope you enjoy my blog, Stop by again,God Bless you!



  1. looks so cool! what is resist? a special paint?

  2. Debbi, it is very cool to play with:) It is a masking fluid, liquid rubber.