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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Would you like a peek at my first oil painting in more than 30 years?

I am giving away my age but, I haven't used oils or painted a lot in more than 30 years. I thought maybe you would like to see what I am working on:) There is more work to do but so far I am happy with my results, not enough to call it done and sign it, but getting there.
 I took a shot focusing on my vines, I am having so much fun with those!
This is a mixed media piece in oils and acrylics on an 18x24 canvas board. This was a real challenge because I am used to acrylics and they dry super fast, the oils can take weeks to cure. I hate to admit I stuck my hand in part of the wet paint and had to do repairs:(Now I see a spot I need to fix:) So I am going back to work!
Don't you enjoy learning new skills or reviving an old one? Thanks for visiting! 
God Bless you!
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  1. that looks great. I think it's been even longer since I tried oils...hubby got me some for Christmas last year, and they are still waiting to be opened...hmmmm, you encourage me!

  2. Got to say even over 30 years you still got it Nancy. Look great! Love the vines.