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Friday, August 24, 2012

Small Affordable Original Art and Decorating ideas

One of my art collectors ask me how to use smaller art pieces, for instance one of the mini canvases with an easel like this one
Red flower w/ easel
white aster w/ easel
I was surprised , I thought the size was perfect. I really feel art should be enjoyed, it would be nice if it was affordable and everyone could own original art works and not break the bank.
That is why I painted the smaller pieces in the first place, and they are fun to do!

I decided if she had those kinds of questions other folks might not know how to use the smaller pieces either. So here is an example of some of the mini canvases I have displayed in my home. I took a few pieces of art pottery, a few of our carved bird collection and my mini paintings and mixed them together with an 8x10 mixed media work my hubby favors to make this display.

The shelf is old, handmade, and we met the daughter of the man who made this with so much love. It is the perfect place to display an interesting collection and help remind us to enjoy life.  
BTW the piece my hubby likes so well is available here:
Movin 8x10 wrapped canvas Paint & fabric
So if your budget is tight and you really want to collect original art work I hope you will consider decorating with  smaller more affordable piece like the Mini canvases? They are only $15 each including the easel too!
Way's to decorate with art are just unlimited, the boudoir, the bath, a shelf in a child's room? 
Thanks for stopping by, I hope I gave you something to think about:) 
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  1. I love decorating with smaller pieces too. and that tiny flower is darling. :)

    1. I knew other people love small art works too, I love that you can have a real original painting on wrapped canvas in miniature to display anywhere!
      Thanks for your nice words:) I hope you subscribed to my newsletter? I have a surprise to share there very soon:)

  2. Great shelf for putting together this very nice display!